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Who We Are

Innovative Environments goes above and beyond the industry standard when it comes to quality and customer service.  We have established an exceptional team, with one goal: providing the best possible design and service to our clients.  

Innovative Environments specializes in custom technology solutions for our discerning clientele who demand the best in quality, service and performance. As the leading commercial systems firm in Metro Detroit and the Chicago Lands area, we offer a full line of products and services that allow us to create fully customized solutions.

Our team of highly trained and experienced consultants, engineers, programmers and technicians assist clients with everything from entertainment technologies to environmental and lighting controls, surveillance, networking and communications integration. Our Detroit & Chicago commercial services network extends throughout Michigan and Illinois, into Indiana and beyond.

Our Leadership Team

Owner/Operators Russ and Doug Wolfe have over 40 years of combined experience in the fields of commercial audio, engineering and installation as well as visual and IT design. Both brothers have been part of some of the most highly recognized and respected companies in the industry and possess the business, financial and logistical skills that have enabled Innovative Environments to thrive in the competitive world of commercial interactive communications AV environments. Their experience and background not only enable them to visualize the future of the industry, but also recognize areas for improvement, leading to innovative business practices and installation processes that put Innovative Environments at the forefront of modern technological design and implementation.

The Innovative Environments Philosophy

At its core, Innovative Environments is committed to establishing the standard for professionalism and quality in the systems industry in commercial environments. Our passion for excellence, industry experience and commitment to exceeding client expectations drive everything we do.

The Best In Communications and AV in Chicago and Detroit

Over the years we’ve discovered that optimal installation and performance of commercial AV environments relies on up front and collaborative work with clients and their design team to establish a clear picture of their needs and determine the ideal solution to their particular set of challenges. Performing this advanced needs assessment consistently yields results that not only meet the current needs of the client, but ensure the continued success of every system we install. Our practical, common sense approach to design has made us the industry leader we are today and allows us to work closely and successfully with any design and construction team.

These core values have not only been of great benefit to our own design and installation projects, but have also fostered a number of strong partnerships with other leading systems installation and design companies both locally and nationwide.

Let’s Work Together

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