Audio Visual Services

The commercial audio visual services offered by Innovative Environments allow our clients access to the latest business display and presentation technologies. Distributed audio and video solutions can be used to play music or recorded messages throughout an entire facility or share presentation visuals building-wide or in specific conference rooms.

Full conference room systems can be designed and implemented to integrate presentation technologies throughout, including displays, networking and audio capabilities. With the help of Innovative Environments video and audio consultants in Chicago and Detroit, interactive presentations are easily implemented using the latest in digital video wall or projection displays.


Video & Audio conferencing solutions from Innovative Environments offer a number of advantages to businesses including reduced travel costs, increased productivity, competitive edge due to increased ease of communication and the implementation of environmental initiatives through the inherent “green” qualities of remote conferencing.

Office Environment Control

At Innovative Environments we understand that our commercial clients have a business to run, that’s why we designed our suite of commercial control options to seamlessly integrate into any system. From automated lighting, to card access, climate controls and av systems, each component can be independently or collectively automated to react how and when our clients choose.

When direct system interaction is required, dedicated touch screens can be installed throughout the facility to allow users secure access to any of the included systems, while mobile device control allows for system interaction from any approved wireless device.

Intelligent Lighting

Energy use is always a top concern with our commercial clients. Our automated lighting solutions can be utilized to eliminate energy waste and reduce utility costs by being programmed to turn on only when rooms are in use, turn on or off at specific times of day or be integrated into other automation systems to create a general “Lock Up” command that turns off all unneeded lights while locking doors and arming security systems.

In addition to the obvious cost savings of only illuminating necessary areas, Innovative Environments utilizes the latest in LED bulb technology that last longer and use less power.

Shading Solutions

Motorized shading not only adds an unmatched level of elegance and convenience to any room, but also helps manage heat loss and gain to save on energy costs. Automated shading can also be integrated into a building’s security system to prevent unwanted viewing of specific areas within a facility.